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Ricardo Quaresma Besiktas jk.

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Ricardo Quaresma has said that his club, Besiktas, has not treated him in the right manner. There have been reports that Besiktas is going to release Quaresma this summer. These reports have been confirmed by Samet Aybaba, the manager of Besiktas. Aybaba said that the club is looking to release some players and Quaresma might be one of them.

As per Quaresma, he is not happy with the way he has been treated by the club in the last few days. Quaresma has been playing for Portugal in the Euro Cup. But, after the exit of Portugal from the tournament, Quaresma returned to train with his club. But, he was surprised to see the behaviour of the club authorities. He said that the authorities of the club should talk to him once and should have told him about their decision. But, no one bothered to talk to him. As per Quaresma, the club didn’t even provide him the adequate training facilities. He said that he is hurt by the behaviour of the club.

Quaresma joined Besiktas in 2010. He has been involved in a lot of controversies while playing for Besiktas. In April 2011, Quaresma had an altercation with Nihat Kahveci. In a match, Quaresma was not able to pass the ball and Nihat was not happy with that. Again, Quaresma had a conflict with Carlos Carvalhal, the manager of the club. In a match, Carvalhal replaced Quaresma with Ismail Koybasi during the half time and Quaresma got angry with that. He talked with the manager very rudely. After that, he was suspended by the club for sometime.

Quaresma said that whenever he played for Besiktas, he tried to give his 100% and he had never expected such behaviour from the club authorities. As per Quaresma, they should have behaved in a professional way.

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Former Barcelona and FC Porto winger Ricardo Quaresma has confirmed that he wants to stay with Besiktas for the rest of his career because his extremely happy at the club. Ricardo Quaresma was regarded as one of the greatest talents in the world football alongside current Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo. However, he failed to utilise his talent during the initial part of his career. As a result, he could not hold on his place in the Barcelona, which has led him to be sent out to various clubs around the world. He has spent time at Inter Milan, Chelsea and back in Portugal.

The winger has said that he would now like to stay with Besiktas for the rest of his career. Quaresma has been at the Turkish club since 2010. It has been the most productive spell of his career, as he has been a first-team regular at the club since his move. Now, the Portuguese winger has said that he is now feeling extremely happy with life at Besiktas because he is playing regularly. In the two years he has spent at the club, he has made 32 appearances and scored five goals in the process. The player has only one year remaining on his current contract, and has said that he might sacrifice wages in order to sign a long-term deal with the club.

” Besiktas ‘ta, and am very happy with this country. If one day if I have problems and feel happy if I tell the necessary people. this club I want to help as best I can. I want to stay here. A discount rate if the annual Management Does he sacrifice? It is not a problem for me. the club seek out the necessary people talk to me. everyone I talk to a very comfortable way,” he said.

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