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Hiddink Wants To Settles Differences First

Netherlands coach Guus Hiddink, who returned back to the national team after the departure of Louis van Gaal, says that his first priority will be to sort out the differences between Robin van Persie and Pierre van Hooijdonk. The Manchester United striker was criticised by one of the coaching staff, Pierre van Hooijdonk, during the World Cup 2014. This is despite the striker scoring one of the goals of the tournament against Spain. Van Persie responded angrily by saying that van Hooijdonk should play golf instead.

A former striker, van Hooijdonk has represented the likes of Celtic, Nottingham Forest, Benfica, and Feyenoord in his career. He also played for the national team in 46 matches and scored 14 goals. In contrast, van Persie has featured for the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal. He came through the famous youth academy at Feyenoord, while he has featured in close to 100 appearances for the national team since his debut in 2005. After having averaged a goal every other game, van Persie is regarded as one of the finest strikers for the national team in recent decades.

Hiddink is unlikely to infuriate van Persie by supporting van Hooijdonk. He has decided to hold a meeting between the duo where he expects peace to come in front. “There’s going to be a discussion between Van Hooijdonk and Van Persie. They should sit down together like grown men, bang their heads together and speak their minds as guys should. I plan to schedule a meeting between them soon. I’m happy Van Hooijdonk will be working with the Under-21s. He is the type of player up-and-coming youngsters can use as an example. There is something from the past between him and me and everyone who knows me realises that I prefer to deal with secret matters openly,” said Hiddink.

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Quaresma Falls Flat In Italian Football

Former Inter Milan winger Ricardo Quaresma says that the Italian football was not at all suitable for his style of football. Quaresma was regarded as one of the most talented footballers the world almost a decade ago. In fact, many thought that he would be the next big thing in the world and even much better than Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who is only 12 months younger than him. However, the career of the former Sporting man has gone extremely wrong during this period. Quaresma is one of the players to have come through the famous Sporting Lisbon youth academy.

Several top wingers in the world have come through this academy. The career of Quaresma will look brilliant on paper after having represented top clubs like Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Chelsea. However, he has never been able to establish a first-team spot at any of the clubs and he has also been unable to realise his potential. Many consider this is one of the disappointing aspects of the game. After struggles with Barcelona, it appeared that Quaresma had found home at FC Porto. He then spent two years at Inter Milan where he made just 24 appearances.

Since then, he has been the journeyman and has played for several clubs, but he has stated that it was Italian football that did not suit him.

“The Serie A was not at all suitable for me. It is a unique type of football, where you risk little, and where everyone must pay attention to the opponent’s mistakes and then counterattack. This is not my style,” said the 30-year-old winger in a recent interview. After spells at the likes of Besiktas, Quaresma is now back playing in the Portuguese league with FC Porto. He has scored four goals in eight appearances for the Portuguese outfit.

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Ricardo Quaresma – ♛ The King Is Back ♛ 2014 FC Porto (Skills,Goal,Assist)

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Quaresma Desperate To Resurrect Stalled Career

In a desperate attempt to resurrect his stalled career, Ricardo Quaresma gets back to his old club FC Porto again. The leading Portuguese player who was considered one among the greatest of wingers, had been facing difficulties in playing abroad since 2008- the year he left Porto.

Often tagged as “Harry porter” of Portugal, the 30-year-old failed to cast his magic charm overseas & even his hallmark trivela couldn’t help him to gain ground abroad. Thus, the decision was to return to homeland to recreate the old magic.

Ricardo has been trained at Sporting Lisbon Academy which is considered as the best training ground for young Portuguese soccer aspirants. His maverick soccer skills soon earned him a post in Portugal senior team, with the help of Romanian icon Laszlo Boloni. Quaresma debuted in the year 2001 & fast became one among the most valuable players in the squad. Technically gifted, this fledging winger started to pull in attention instantly from different elite clubs, including Barcelona. Barca zipped him fast with a  whopping £5 million.

However, the Portugal player was unable to stay tuned to the high expectations at Camp Nou and just a year later he was back to Portugal to play for Porto. His shift to Dragons resulted in great mayhem in his homeland sine nobody could expect his super-fast return to the country.

In spite of the disputes concerning his transfer, the winger’s initial innings at Porto came up with most phenomenal memories of his soccer career. Quaresma’s had an immediate impact on the Porto squad & it his winning goal that earned the team 2004 Portuguese Super Cup trophy. This dramatic victory heightened Ricardo’s position in the team & soon he was the instant hero, both among the team mates and fans.

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